james_headshotJames O’Loghlin is the author of seven books, including three for children. His next children’s book will be published in August 2016.

Daisy Malone and the Blue Glowing Stone

Someone has to save the world and that someone is DAISY MALONE. It’s Daisy’s 12th birthday but she’s got more earth-shattering things on her mind. Her father is scared of everything, her mother has disappeared, and she and her dog Ben (a highly intelligent, talking dog – his words!) have just found a mysterious blue Read more

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Innovation is a State of Mind: Simple strategies to be more innovative in what you do

Everyone tells you it’s important to be innovative. The problem is that no one tells you how to do it. In Innovation is a State of Mind James O’Loghlin shares what he learnt from hosting over 300 episodes of ‘The New Inventors’ about how innovation actually happens. He outlines a step-by-step process to identify opportunities Read more

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The Adventures of Sir Roderick, the Not-Very Brave

In a land where peace is threatened by assassins, invading armies and unhappy peasants, one knight must be brave enough to journey forth on a great quest. ‘But that can’t be me,’ thought Sir Roderick. ‘I’m the most junior knight in the kingdom. And definitely the most hopeless. They wouldn’t pick me to go somewhere Read more

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How To Balance Your Life

Picture this: you’re sitting in a traffic jam. You left work late, because you had so much on, and now you’re late to pick up the kids from school. And when you get home there’s still so much to do: homework, washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning. And the next day you have to get up and Read more

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Umm…: A Complete Guide To Public Speaking

James O’Loughlin teaches the art of public speaking. Public speakers are not born. They are made. Public speaking did not come naturally to comedian the TV/radio presenter, James O’Loghlin. But it’s something he’s mastered over the years. He tells you how to do it, whether it’s for a business presentation, a wedding, a school speech Read more

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A Month of Sundays

James O’Loghlin’s once-peaceful mornings were now full of dust and miscellaneous smashing and bashing from the demolition, re-building and renovating going on in both the houses next door. Then came the idea. Each morning James and his family would explore their city of Sydney. Surely you can’t feel the same excitement a traveller does when Read more

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Andy’s Secret Weapon

Andy is a hopeless soccer player, but he soon finds out how to win without even setting foot on the field! Ages 7+.

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