Public Speaking Coach

Umm…: A Complete Guide To Public Speaking

James O’Loughlin teaches the art of public speaking. Public speakers are not born. They are made. Public speaking did not come naturally to comedian the TV/radio presenter, James O’Loghlin. But it’s something he’s mastered over the years. He tells you how to do it, whether it’s for a business presentation, a wedding, a school speech Read more

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Great public speakers are not born. They are made. No matter what sort of speaker you are now, you can become a better one. You can learn how to give memorable and effective speeches that will have your audience leaning forward, eager to hear more.

James O’Loghlin is the author of ‘Umm… A Complete Guide to Public Speaking’. He hosted over 300 episodes of ‘The New Inventors on ABC-TV, and has presented programs on ABC local radio for the last 15 years. James also spent a decade as a stand-up comedian and is now one of the Australia’s most experienced and entertaining corporate speakers.

And he coaches public speaking. In a session with James, you would lean:


How to write a speech

  • how to structure a speech,
  • how to present the information you want to convey in an interesting way
  • how to connect with the audience
  • how to use slides, and how not to use them


How to deliver a speech

  • how to quickly and simply break the ice
  • how to fill up the room and engage your audience
  • how your body language can improve your speech
  • how to make your speech memorable (in a good way!)
  • how to deal with nerves and ensure they don’t get in the way of your performance