Minding Your Mind – Mental Health Keynote

The cost of poor mental health, in both human suffering and economically, is enormous, but there are things we can all do to maintain and improve our mental health.

James O’Loghlin is the co-host of the mental health podcast, Minding Your Mind, with Prof Ian Hickie, Inaugural CEO of Beyond Blue, Head of the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney and one of Australia’s leading mental health experts. The podcast has been listened to over 200,000 times, and their book about mental health, Minding Your Mind, is a bestseller.

Minding Your Mind

“Superb no-nonsense information” – Dr Norman Swan

“Warm, humorous and compassionate” – Melbourne Observer

In this entertaining and informative keynote James will discuss the things we can all do to maintain and improve our mental health, including;

  • Dealing with burnout – a growing issue costing Australian business billions of dollars a year. How to identify early signs and address them.
  • The physicality of mental health. Dealing with the physical effects of anxiety and depression can be more effective than trying to ‘think’ our way out of it. ‘Just stop worrying,’ rarely works. Slowing your breathing might.
  • 7 practical evidence-based strategies, we can all use to improve our mental health and live happier lives.
  • The importance of being socially connected for good mental health.
  • The importance of understanding and taking care of our body clock.
  • How we change. Our personalities are not set in stone. If we want to become less anxious, impatient or shy, there are specific things we can do to change.
  • Practical strategies for improving wellbeing and mental health
  • Understanding the early signs of mounting stress, burnout, and deteriorating mental health

Minding Your Mind Podcast

Mental health expert Prof Ian Hickie and author & broadcaster James O’Loghlin explore all aspects of mental health; the different types of mental health issues we can experience, their causes, how they affect us, and what we can do to get help and find solutions.