Innovation is your state of mind

In his keynote, Innovation is a State of Mind, James O’Loghlin identifies the 3 building blocks of innovation; in this dynamic follow up workshop, participants apply those principles to create and grow their own ideas to improve their business. The 1 hour to half-day workshop will get delegates identifying opportunities, solving problem and thinking on their feet as they are challenged to unleash their creativity and think up and grow new ideas to make their business better. The workshop will arm delegates with the tools to impart real change within their organisations for years to come.

Takeaways from the session include:

  1. A large number of new, practical ideas that the business can implement.
  2. The growth of a new culture of innovation and collaboration.
  3. Each participant will have a new found belief in his or her ability to think up ways of doing things better, and know how to grow and use their ideas.
  4. Each participant will leave armed with a process that they can use every day to become more innovative.