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A Process For Innovation

Innovation always begins the same way. Not with a piece of new technology, but with a person having an idea. We are all capable of having new ideas. Innovation isn’t a talent only some are born with. It’s a skill that we can all practice. Here’s a process; Look out for problems. Whenever you find Read more

Three things that create innovation

Innovation is the force that drives human progress. It has taken us out of the cave and into the cloud. Today the pace of change is faster than ever, which unfortunately means that almost everything we do now, no matter how brilliant, is soon going to be out-dated. 2017’s world’s best practice isn’t going to Read more

Breaking Bad – A Lesson In Innovation

I recently had the opportunity to interview Vince Gilligan, the creator, producer, writer, sometime director and overall mastermind behind Breaking Bad one of the greatest television series ever made. In fact, in my opinion it’s the greatest. This is what I learnt from speaking with him: Perseverance is more important that genius. Vince is a Read more

The ‘Stupid’ Ideas That Made Millions

Many of the things we take for granted today would have sounded ridiculous when they were first thought of: ‘What about a machine that can fly and carry people?’ ‘What about a way of speaking to people on the other side of the world?’ ‘What about getting the meat and holding it over a fire Read more

The Pharma Industry Needs A Blank Page!

In business these days, it’s not often that we find ourselves staring at a blank piece of paper feeling stupid and frustrated. And that’s a problem. We need to do it more. On any given day in the pharmaceutical industry we usually know exactly what we have to do next. In fact there’s usually a Read more

The Danger Of Routines

First the good news. Routines and habits are a useful and essential part of running a successful business, and indeed a successful life. Routines bring order to chaos. When you are so busy that you don’t know what day it is, so tired that you’re chugging down double short blacks like they’re ice-cold lemonade on Read more

How To Conquer Public Speaking

Giving a speech can be a joy or a disaster. It can make you feel ten feet tall, or that you want to disappear into the ground. It can be a humiliating, embarrassing ordeal, or an exciting, empowering and uplifting triumph in which you persuade, entertain, motivate and even move the audience. If you can Read more