Minding Your Mind

Minding Your Mind

The mind is a marvel. It’s at the centre of our most rewarding experiences. It lets in awe and laughter, love and wisdom, and helps us overcome life’s great trials. It’s our greatest asset, but it can also be our greatest adversary, allowing in self-doubt, anxious thoughts and depression. It can magnify our fears and undermine our best intentions, and lead us into life’s darkest corners.

Based on James O’Loghlin and Professor Ian Hickie’s popular podcast, Minding Your Mind is an exploration into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how the mind works, and the thoughts and emotions that steer our lives. It also offers practical strategies on how we can understand, change and improve our mental health, covering such topics as:

* Burn-out and depression * Hope and despair * Trust and trauma * Humour and community * Trauma and addiction * Anger and self-control * Managing our body clocks * Navigating life’s crises * The importance of social connection and community

Written with compassion and curiosity, warmth and humour, Minding Your Mind is for anyone who wants the best for their mental well-being but might not know the best way to get there. It’s a check-up for everything happening between the ears and through the body, flagging the warning signs when things get wobbly and offering a pathway to a more fulfilling life.

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‘This is superb, no-nonsense informationthat, until this book, has been hard to find in one place.’

Dr Norman Swan